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Lamboo Mobile Medical and SVSR Inc. announce their Strategic Partnership in the US

July 24, 2019

Harmony, NC— 7/23/2019 — Lamboo Mobile Medical and SVSR Inc. are pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership in the United States, combining Lamboo Mobile Medical’s international authority in engineering and manufacturing mobile healthcare with SVSR, Inc.’s prominent leadership in manufacturing, refurbishment and repair of specialty vehicles in the U.S.A.


In this collaboration, SVSR Inc. will provide manufacturing of Lamboo’s latest technology in the mobile medical field. Lamboo’s medical designs are used worldwide and deliver the utmost performance in any climate. This partnership further strengthens both companies position in the mobile medical field in the United States and globally. Lamboo and SVSR are both certified to install all types of large medical equipment from suppliers such as Canon, GE, Philips and Siemens.


As with all important decisions, both companies will work closely together in both sales, service and manufacturing to make this partnership seamless and are delighted to address the dynamic needs in the mobile medical field together. Moving forward in partnership the name of the new company will be Lamboo Powered by SVSR, Inc.


“Teaming up with Lamboo Mobile Medical gives customers in the U.S.A a new choice. It brings the mobile medical coach standards to a new and modern level. I firmly believe that SVSR, Inc. currently builds a superior coach, raising the standards of the US industry. Joining with Lamboo brings the latest and greatest technology of their superior panel system to the US market.  Lamboo has enjoyed supplying 85% of the medical coaches in the European market and their success will continue with SVSR, Inc. as a dedicated partner building their panels and assembling the coaches here in the U.S.A.,” Ronnie Taylor, President, SVSR Inc.


About Lamboo Mobile Medical

Founded in 1957, Lamboo Mobile Medical is a global company with headquarters in The Netherlands. The mission of Lamboo Mobile Medical: “Making healthcare available for everyone by bringing medical solutions and treatments to people worldwide.” Lamboo Mobile Medical fulfills this mission by using the latest technology in combination with the Lamboo Sandwich Panel technology. This allows its products to deliver maximum performance in extreme weather conditions from -58ºF in Russia up to +149ºF in Saudi Arabia. The product has also proved to be resistant to poor infrastructure in countries such as Pakistan and Egypt, where high-end Lamboo solutions are used successfully.


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About SVSR Inc.

Founded in 2006, SVSR Inc. is a dynamic forerunner in specialty vehicle refurbishment and repairs. SVSR Inc. offers a variety of products and services designed to extend the life of current assets, while upgrading equipment, interiors, exteriors, and sub structure to make it look and operate like new. Starting in 2018, SVSR Inc. has broadened their services by building new coaches. As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, SVSR Inc. has an extensive list of valuable customers. With 50+ years of combined experience from President, Ronnie Taylor and Vice President, Eric Dagenhart, recently teaming up with 30 years of engineering background, Senior Director of Engineering, Vlastimir Todorovic, SVSR Inc. delivers quality in every aspect of our service.


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